Hon Sean R. Astwood​


Hon. Sean R. Astwood is a known and successful businessman who has always had a genuine concern for improving the Turks and Caicos Islands and the lives of the people who live here.

Born on July 8th 1973, to Louis E. Astwood III of Grand Turk and Nell Williams of Providenciales, he grew up in the local community of Five Cays. Raised with strong family values, entrepreneurial and political interest, Sean developed and pursued a fierce desire to make a positive difference to the people of these islands.

He attended Enid Capron Primary School in Five Cays, Clement Howell High School in Blue Hills, and later went on to further his education at Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

After returning to the Turks and Caicos Islands, he gained a diverse amount of professional experience working in various companies including: the banking industry, tourism industry, construction industry, retail industry and airport management.

Over the years, Sean has been an employee and an employer. He has always had a knack for business and is an accomplished businessman who owns the Pelican Group of Companies which created Elite Gaming Ltd., Basic Essentials Ltd., Pelican Designs Ltd. and Pelican Trading Ltd. His businesses compete in the tourism retail industry, tourism villa rental industry, sign manufacturing industry, gaming industry, and commercial development.

Sean first ran for public office in the General Elections of 2003 as a candidate for the Peoples’ Democratic Movement where he won his seat, only to have lost it in a by-election that same year. He has held a number of high profile political positions including his current position as Deputy Leader of the PDM. He is also a former Minister of Government, with the responsibility of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

He has functioned as the Vice President of the Providenciales Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Turks and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association. Sean has served on the Immigration Blue Ribbon Commission 2004, the National Strategic Plan 2005 and on select committees of the House of Assembly on Constitutional Reform and on Broadcasting. He presented at the KPMG Tourism Symposium and served as a member of the Appropriations Committee and Privilege Committee.

He sits on the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (TCI Branch), is the proud sponsor of the Cobra’s Sports Club of Five Cays and the PABA 2016 champions - the Five Cays Knights basketball team.

His dedication to the islands continues as he takes a leadership role in his native community and country as the Representative for the Five Cays constituency and Deputy Leader of the PDM, respectively. During the past four years, he worked closely with his colleagues as a member of the Opposition in the House of Assembly fighting for the betterment of all Turks and Caicos Islanders and residents.

Sean participated in a United Nations Seminar on Decolonization in Ecuador 2014 and led a PDM delegation into a meeting with CARICOM Special Committee and most recently joined the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association in Nassau Bahamas 2016.

At the center of everything he does, Sean cares considerably about the people of these islands. Seeing his people struggle has been the driving force propelling him to make a difference.

His main goals for the improvement of the islands are a diversified economy, reformed immigration and labour policies, a safe and clean environment, modernized communities, increased business development, modern infrastructure and more locals becoming investors, developers and business owners.

Sean’s overall mission is to see a united Turks and Caicos Islands; and shares in the vision that these ‘Beautiful by Nature’ islands can be the best country on the planet.




Crime has quickly become the top issue in our country. The PDM and I plan to respond to this swiftly and strongly. We believe our communities have a major role to play in this fight. Therefore, I will incorporate neighborhood watches, community CCTV, as a part of the national program, and the Crime Statistics Awareness Program, which will provide the media and other stakeholders with the real numbers for the promotion of our community.  These initiatives will be implemented while also fostering a better relationship between the community and the police.


I will develop a Community Fishing Village will have proper slots for boats to dock and ramp access, a clean disposal system for unwanted catch, refuge, and hazardous waste such as oil bottles etc.., a full maintenance shop for boats, proper purchasing outlets for individual small consumers, and a traditional fishing village restaurant designed to promote our culture, while giving customers the opportunity to taste the freshest seafood in the world.  

Community-Based Tourism Industry

The tourism industry will continue to be our main revenue generating industry for many years to come. Therefore, it is critical that our community benefit from this industry. A vibrant tourism and resort industry would be established where the people of Five Cays can be the direct beneficiaries. I truly believe that our people must emerge as equitable stakeholders owning significant segments of the resort and hospitality sector in Five Cays.

Business Ownership

Our Small Business Incentive Program will ensure that our business licensing policy, Labour policy, immigration and labour reform policy, and import concessions meets the needs of new or existing businesses. This program will also assist in identifying new and undeveloped markets.

These initiatives will be the catalyst for ensuring the creation of new jobs, which would reduce or eradicate unemployment in our community.

Community Primary Healthcare

In our community, there is a great need for access to primary health care. Elderly residents, and residents who do not have access to transportation, sometimes have difficulty accessing the Cheshire Hall Medical Center. Residents of the Five Cays community that reside in areas such as Silly Creek, Chalk Sound, and Five Cays proper would benefit tremendously from a Primary Health Care Center. Doctors and nurses will have fixed schedules to meet the medical needs of our residents.


Infrastructural development such as roads, proper drainage, sidewalks with landscaping, speed bumps for subdivision roads, street lights, garbage disposal, and utilities such as internet and lighting will be implemented in all our subdivisions. This comprehensive development approach will drastically transform and beautify the subdivisions within our community.             


Our housing development scheme would replace areas now occupied with illegal developments. Residents will be given the opportunity to regularized their property and ensure that the buildings meet the building codes. The land their homes are on will be organized in a clean and safe environment.


A transformed and fully utilized community center which will have After School Programs, a virtual library that would be available for students and entrepreneurs to do research, and a clean safe environment for our youth to enjoy sporting activities like basketball, tennis and more.


A fully funded and expanded Enid Capron Primary School that will have a modern computer lab, science lab, and a digital library. This is vital for creating the best environment for our children to learn and reach their full potential.


Clean Up Campaigns

  • With Tourist Board
  • With DDME
  • With Environmental Health Department
  • With Enid Capron Primary School
  • With Bugaloos Conch Crawl, Blue Heron Aviation, CBMS, Sunny Foods 
  • With Residents

Removal of Derelict Vehicles

Job Readiness WorkShop
Town Hall Meetings


  • Schools
  • Church
  • Individuals
  • Associations

FIVE CAYS WINS – PABA 2016 Basketball Championships and First Place in 2015 Heritage Float Parade Competition.

Attracted Major Interest – Dwayne Wade Foundation Community Basketball Court Redevelopment and Resort Project

What people say about sean

“I most admire Hon. Astwood for his selfless work. I worked with him on clean up campaigns, and there I gained respect and admiration for his generosity, intelligence, and dedication to a good cause. He put many hours into assisting unemployed persons and he also encouraged businesses to create new jobs locally. With proud enthusiasm, I support Sean Astwood as our man.”

Phillip Roker

“Over these past years, the public and I have had the opportunity to see Sean in action. He is a caring person that I admire and I am happy he is our representative here in Five Cays. So I am writing today to express my love and support for him. He is a good man!”

Fransdine Rousseaux

"I’m most honoured to endorse Sean R. Astwood as the representative for Five Cays. Sean has worked effectively as our Representative and voice in the House of Assembly these past four years. Even though Sean was not a member of the government, he has made positive changes in our community. I cannot wait until he helps form the Government so that we can see even greater investment in the Community of Five Cays that we both love dearly."

Paula Arthur Rigby